Know the features that make Dentis 365 the best option to manage your practice.


Designed in detail for intuitive use, you won’t have to make a lot of effort to learn how to use it.


Emission of electronics invoices (CFDI) from Dentis365 itself, send the issued invoices by e-mail.


Safe and reliable software using hi-tech servers with the highest levels of security and backups.

Earn loyalty

Improve communication with your patients so they will come back, sending e-mail of biannual prevention appointments, birthday greeting, promotions, etc.


Compatible with any device, you can use it from an iPad, Tablet (Android), laptop, PC and Mac.


Appointment scheduling and sending of e-mail reminders in order to remember your client his or her appointments and for you to manage your calendar.


Manage your income and expenses in an efficient and simple way that allows you to obtain a better profitability.


Have your patients’ clinical file within reach anywhere you are. Clinical file, odontogram, X-rays, photographs, periodontogram, etc.


In the personal aspect, Dentis365 has been very useful for me giving me great mobility in my practice. I can verify scheduled patients in real time, as well as scheduling or cancel patients even when I’m not in the office. In cases where I have to check the treatment done to any patient, I can do it wherever I may be at any time, and finally, at the same time I can manage my invoicing from the same platform, which besides giving me more control, allows me to invoice wherever I may be at any time…

Dr. Jorge A. Martínez Treviño, General Director of CAAD (Centro Académico de Atención Odontológica)

I have used Dentis for some years now… but with this new Dentis365 more possibilities have arisen to my personal practice and somehow my patients have increased significantly.

Dr. Luis Delgado, Dental House Playa
Hello, I’m Dr. Alfonso Ascencio Martínez, I have a small dental clinic with 3 cubicles.

I have used Dentis Software for 9 years approximately; in our daily work it has been very useful, the software is very complete, easy to use, we use it in all 3 cubicles and for my secretary is essential. Now we like the new version Dentis 365 because is very practical.

And the technical support has ALWAYS been excellent. I totally recommend it.

Dr. Alfonso Ascencio Martínez, Dental Clinic Owner